Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Plans

So, like...are we having a get together or something?

I'll be in Hagerstown on the 24th and 25th and can come up more or less whenever the following week as well.

What's the plan my peeps?


JMc said...

I should be around to do something in the evening on the 25th in H-town. We aren't coming up until that afternoon. Not sure if we will stay the night, but I would imagine so.

Ben said...

We're doing Chrismas in Alexandria and won't be in Hagerstown any time soon. B-(

JMc & Co. are coming over the weekend of New Years. You're invited. Bert, Kris, and anyone else you can get a hold of is invited too.

Yes, I have been meaning to call and tell you, but as you can see from how frequently I've been 'blogging lately, I ain't had much time to do much of anything because we're busy getting ready for this big Christmas at our house.

Dontcha love run-on sentences?

Ryan said...

This is sounding awefully like the end of a tradition to me. :(