Saturday, January 13, 2007

Holy Crap

The Colts beat the Ravens. I can't believe it.

I can't see New England beating the Chargers tomorrow but if they do, it'll be another show down between the Colts and New England and it'll be in the Colts backyard.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Misfit Utopia

I had a dream about Misfit last night. It was brief, and he basically just rubbed his head into mine like he used to do at night, but it was nice.

I have been thinking about righting a post for myself about the things he used to do so I could look back from time to time and remember. I'm taking that dream as the sign to do so. This is a post mainly for myself but feel free to read it if you like.

-would in the mornings stretch out his back so far he would basically fall over, then drag his back legs across the floor with his front legs about three feet to finally lay on his side all stretched out.
-when it was cool inside would sit on the hot air vent when the air was blowing with a big 'cat grin' on his face
-whenever the front windows were even an inch open would lay on his side and either push the entire screen out with his paw or claw through the screen. Sometimes he was even able to squeeze himself through and out the window.
-whenever he was able to get out would either just roll around on the cement or make a bee line to the grass to eat it. Occasionally he would take off but never too far and always ran back in the door when someone went after him.
-was so determined to get out would sometimes wait 10 or 15 feet from the door until someone opened in then charge full speed at the door. He would literally bounce off people and doors until he either found himself outside or lost his momentum.
-would sit on top of the tv cabinet and wait until the door was opened then bound outside.
-would sit on top of the tv cabinet very tall and proud like and look down on everyone like he owned the house. When I would go to pet him in this mood he would just raise his head further and get a bothered look on his face like the help was touching him.
-didn't like anything on top of the tv cabinet. He would wait until I was up and then get up there, look at me, and whack something off of the cabinet. Then he would peer down at the ground at it, look at me again, and turn away.
-he wouldn't really pur during the day, regardless of how much you pet him. Instead, at night, he would always come up to my room and get on the bed and start needing the sheets with his feet and pur away. He'd pur so much that he would start to drool. Cat drool is fricken nasty and he'd just drool and drool. Then, he'd shake his head really hard and all that crap would go all over the place. Nasty nasty stuff but I miss it.
-speaking of needing the sheets with his feet. He'd pick and spot and do that for a few minutes then walk three feet in a different direction a lay down. Most cats will need a place and then lay on it. Just weird.
-at night he would get his face up in my face and then just kinda ram his head into mine and push it along my face. Cutest thing ever.
-when he would sleep he would usually wrap up into a ball. Sometimes he would kind of fold his paws over his eyes and stretch, it was so cute!
-his entire goal in life was to get outside and eat grass. When I wouldn't let him out he would get all pissy and start to mope. Literally his head would hang down and he'd just walk around the house slowly and shoot glares at me, meowing this really low meow and beating up the other cats.

I'm sure I'll think of more and add on to this.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Nature of Belief

There were two other updates below, don't miss them. :)

Anyway, Bunny asked me a good question responding to my 'everything is horrible' post a few days ago that I thought deserved it's own entry. She said, and I quote:

Oh and as devil's advocate: Do you also read things that encourage or positively explain religions or aspects of faith? Or is it just criticisms?

I do, I have. In fact, I love talking to people that are very religious. Not to argue with them, but to understand where they are coming from. I find the vast majority of followers are very pleasent and are fun to talk to and I have no problem with them or their beliefs. They get a lot of strength from it and in some ways I envy that. It is very personal, very sincere and usually very private.

The one's I have problems with are the one's that feel they are superior and/or shove their faith down my throat. The evangelicals. Those are the guys that I read about and am critical of. The ones that force their morality on me and are attempting to force it on the entire country. The ones that are trying to push religion into politics. That is where my criticism comes from and who I rail against. Not religion in general, but religion that ceases to be personal and attempts to become law.

Hope that clarifies things a bit. :)


Phone recovered after it dried out and I finally got my car back late Friday evening. I also finally put Misfit in the ground at my mom's so that is finally all over with. However, I wasn't able to make it to Frankfest so I'm pretty disappointed about that.

You see, a friend of mine I have literally known all my life is an awesome guitarist in Richmond. Well known in the music scene there, a celebrity if you will. His day job his hanging gutters, he's been doing it for years. Well, a few weeks before Turkey Day he fell off a roof and crushed his arm. Compound fracters on both his elbow and forearm. Took three surgeries to fix it up. Luckily there was no nerve damage so he should be able to play guitar again although he'll never have full movement in that arm again.

The pisser was he had no health insurance nor workmen's comp so he is left with HUGE medical bills. So this past Friday (the 1/5/07) a bunch of local bands were having a benefit for him called Frankfest. How cool is that!? And I couldn't get down there because the shop took forever to fix the car. :(

Anyway, so there you go. At least my tire won't fall off.

Poetic Justice

Anyone that knows me knows I hate the Cowboys (NFL - Football). You also know that I like football. Football has a way of surprising you. The Cowboy/Seahawks game last night is a prime example.

Some backstory first. Early in the season the Cowboys were struggling with their quarterback. Whether to injury or desperation (I can't recall) a rookie named Tony Romo got his chance. He started lighting it up and suddenly the Cowboys were kicking ass. Very good QB, too bad he plays for Dallas.

Anyway, they manage to make it to the wild card playoff game last night against Seattle. They get the lead and it looks like they are going to win. 5 point game. The Seachickens score a touchdown but miss the 2-point coversion, so it is a one point Seattle lead (21 - 20). The cowboys get the ball and drive all the way to the 11 or so. All they need is a field goal to win the game. They throw for the in-zone on third down and the Seahawks stop them but it looks like the Cowboys got a first down on the one yard line. However, on review they didn't make it so they have to kick the field goal from 1.5 yard line. Chip shot, nothing to it. Cowboys are going to get the field goal and win the game. Here comes the poetic justic.

Romo, the savior of the Cowboys season, is the holder for the three-point kick. Has been all year and hasn't made any mistakes. The snap is made, and Romo screws it up! He fumbled the snap, makes a break for the in-zone, Seahawks tackle him. Game over! Ha ha ha! Romo screwed the Cowboys! It was FANTASTIC!

Yay Football!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

What Is Pissing Me Off Today - Part 5

Haven't done one of these for a while but I'm really fed up.

I had to get up at 9 am this morning. I know, to most of you that doesn't seem too bad but that is like 3 hours before I usually get up, plus I went to bed at 2 am so that didn't help. I had to get up that early in order to take my car to the shop because one of the ball bearings seems to be going out. I want them to check it out before I make a trip to Richmond for Frankfest (more on that later). So I figure taking it in that early would allow them to get it in early, right? Wrong! I just called them at 3:30 pm and they STILL hadn't done anything with it. Why the hell did I get up so damn early if they weren't going to do anything with it until this afternoon? That's the first thing.

After I drop the car off I go home. I'm up for a little while checking email and the like then I decide I'm going to take a nap. I go upstairs with a glass of water and my phone (in case they actually call). The cat (Mimic) likes to stick his nose in the glass and drink the water so I set my phone on top of it like I usually do when I have my phone up there (usually I leave it downstairs). Well, and I'm sure you see this coming, I f'ing knock the phone in the water and the water onto the floor. When I finally got the phone out of the glass water just gushed out of it. GUSHED I say! I dried it off best I could and took the battery out and let it dry whilst I napped. I woke up a few hours later and stuck the battery back in. Every light on the phone came on (including the light they laughably call a 'flash' for the camera) and it just vibrated. That is all it does now. I'm still hoping it'll dry out and work again but as of this moment a glass of water fried my $600 phone. Damn it.

Back to the car. Since they dicked around all day doing god knows what if they have to order a part to fix it they'll have to wait until tomorrow to order it, which means the part won't show up until next week, which'll fuck this weekend for me. I'll need to rent or borrow a car or something so I can see Margo and go to Frankfest.

You know what it is? This bad crap happens like this when I start reading critics of religion. I'm going to have to stop reading about that shit. Damn it. It's so fascinating though! Arg.

So far, this year sucks.