Sunday, January 07, 2007

Poetic Justice

Anyone that knows me knows I hate the Cowboys (NFL - Football). You also know that I like football. Football has a way of surprising you. The Cowboy/Seahawks game last night is a prime example.

Some backstory first. Early in the season the Cowboys were struggling with their quarterback. Whether to injury or desperation (I can't recall) a rookie named Tony Romo got his chance. He started lighting it up and suddenly the Cowboys were kicking ass. Very good QB, too bad he plays for Dallas.

Anyway, they manage to make it to the wild card playoff game last night against Seattle. They get the lead and it looks like they are going to win. 5 point game. The Seachickens score a touchdown but miss the 2-point coversion, so it is a one point Seattle lead (21 - 20). The cowboys get the ball and drive all the way to the 11 or so. All they need is a field goal to win the game. They throw for the in-zone on third down and the Seahawks stop them but it looks like the Cowboys got a first down on the one yard line. However, on review they didn't make it so they have to kick the field goal from 1.5 yard line. Chip shot, nothing to it. Cowboys are going to get the field goal and win the game. Here comes the poetic justic.

Romo, the savior of the Cowboys season, is the holder for the three-point kick. Has been all year and hasn't made any mistakes. The snap is made, and Romo screws it up! He fumbled the snap, makes a break for the in-zone, Seahawks tackle him. Game over! Ha ha ha! Romo screwed the Cowboys! It was FANTASTIC!

Yay Football!

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CMS said...

>>The snap is made, and Romo screws it up! >> He fumbled the snap, makes a break for
>> the end zone, Seahawks tackle him.

Here's my terribly sappy take on this play.

It's funny how even in this pivotal moment of the game, after it happened all I could feel is terrible for the Romo guy. I mean, he didn't get knocked out in a pass, he didn't have the ball stolen, it wasn't pass interference, and he wasn't even running. HE FUMBLED THE BALL !!!! How mortifying!!! It would have been bad enough if it had happened anywhere else in the game, but at such a clutch moment - ouch !! I give him credit for getting the ball back and running for the line. At least it wasn't a turnover for a runback, but the end result would have been the same, I guess.

Let me also state that I don't like the Cowboys either for the terrible justification as the same reason some people don't like the Yankee's - reputation. And I'm not even any kind of avid football fan.

But this blow has to be devastating. I mean, sure, he's got his gazillion dollar paycheck to console him, ( and for multi-millions of dollars, you shouldn't drop a ball) but he's just human and he can NEVER live this moment down - mostly because fans won't ever let him.... that and media reels.

Here's a philosphy, lower the paycheck and let humans be human. So fumbles will happen, but at least folks won't be able to say "Well I have no symphathy for that jackass. He's getting payed $$$ to drop balls. I'd do that for 10 grand." Granted, even if that were the case, his timing still stunk.

But I feel bad because if that man chooses to watch TV over the next two- three weeks, if not longer, he'll be forced to relive that moment over and over. I'd hand back a few mill not to have that priveledge.

I know. I'm a wuss :-).