Sunday, January 07, 2007


Phone recovered after it dried out and I finally got my car back late Friday evening. I also finally put Misfit in the ground at my mom's so that is finally all over with. However, I wasn't able to make it to Frankfest so I'm pretty disappointed about that.

You see, a friend of mine I have literally known all my life is an awesome guitarist in Richmond. Well known in the music scene there, a celebrity if you will. His day job his hanging gutters, he's been doing it for years. Well, a few weeks before Turkey Day he fell off a roof and crushed his arm. Compound fracters on both his elbow and forearm. Took three surgeries to fix it up. Luckily there was no nerve damage so he should be able to play guitar again although he'll never have full movement in that arm again.

The pisser was he had no health insurance nor workmen's comp so he is left with HUGE medical bills. So this past Friday (the 1/5/07) a bunch of local bands were having a benefit for him called Frankfest. How cool is that!? And I couldn't get down there because the shop took forever to fix the car. :(

Anyway, so there you go. At least my tire won't fall off.


CMS said...

That is a pretty cool gesture.

Freelance musicians almost never have health insurance unless they pay for it out of pocket.... or have a really great gig. I lived my first.... uh....3-4 years of married life that way. It's really hard. Health insurance is expensive and, until an accident or serious illness comes about, not worth it.

The situation he's in is a bummer, but thank goodness he'll be ok and nothing is permanently destroyed. And with what sounds to be like some great friends behind him, he'll make it through.

I think professional string players always have to fear about breaking a wrist or fingers and brass and woodwinds have to worry about messing up their teeth. I knew this one guy who had the worst teeth known to man, but wouldn't get them fixed becuase braces would mess up his playing and he had a substantial scholarship for it. He then graduated, did grad work in law, got his braces, and put down his horn.

I digress. What a great gesture for your friend and I hope all works out for him. Wish him well.

I'm glad you clarified though. First impression - I thought Frankfest was a hot dog/frankfurter eating contest. Glad to read I was wrong.

Ryan said...

Oh man I wish that is what it was. I would SO be there. :)