Friday, October 28, 2005

Pumpkins and the Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Sorry, no clever title this time. I'm tired.

Anyway, I was up late late late last night carving pumpkins with Amy. Here are some pictures:

Amy digging out the guts

Amy trying the thin the wall of her pumpkin so the light shines through.

Amy part way through the most detailed pumpkin carving ever.

Amy's finished product. Now that is dedication.

My pumpkin.

My pumpkin's backside and a tube. Why? You'll see.

My pumpkin's name is Lee.

A pumpkin that is shaped like a skull and will become one Saturday night.

The pumpkin family.

Ok, so why does my pumpkin have a backside and a tube covered in duct tape? Well, because of the Coolest. Thing. Ever. This:

Ohh...what is it?

Maybe this will help?

That's right, a FOG MACHINE!!

Darin...coming in out of the fog...

So what the hell does the Coolest. Thing. Ever. have to do with a pumpking with a butt hole and a tube?

Check it out:

Now imagine that at night with a red light in the pumpkin or something along those lines. Poor kiddies.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Of Fingernails and Airplanes

So a week ago Sunday I was hanging out at my neighbors watching the football games on the tube. I was just sitting there, minding my own business when their little girl, Shay, says something I can't understand and the two of them start cracking up. I'm all like 'What?' and they are all like 'You'll see'. So Shay gets this pink case out and comes over to where I am on the couch and opens it up. Fingernail polish. 'Uh oh' I think. Turns out, what she said was 'Ryan purple nails?'. Oh the agony! So for the next 30 minutes while I sit drinking a beer and watching football I have a two year old painting three of nails (and most of the tip of my finger) purple with glittery things.

The next day, last Monday, I had my refinance settlement at 10 am in Fairfax and had to catch a plane to Seattle in the evening. I went to bed totally forgetting my fingernails were painted. I only remembered the next morning while getting ready to head out to my settlement that I had three painting fingernails on my left hand. So I gave the neighbors a call and asked if they had any fingernail polish remover. In between breaths from laughing so hard Becky said yes so I went on down and cleaned up the fingernails. Off to the settlement then the plane.

As many of you know I refused to fly on an airplane for four years out of General Principle, which we have talked about. Over the summer Leslie and I flew Independence Air down to Florida for her sister's wedding. I had one kinda tense moment on the landing but all in all it was a positive experience. However, this flight was on Independence Air but five hours all by myself! :) Not to bore you with the details, but my flying ass is Back! No problems, bring on the planes.

I did buy a PSP and loaded up with UMD movies and games, so that helped. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mind Bullets!

'That's telekensis, Kyle'

Be you angels?

'Nay, we are but men. Rock!'

'And the funny thing my friends is the song we sang that night didn't actually sound anything like this song! This is just a tribute!'