Monday, February 27, 2006

Kitchen Drawers are Too Low

I am unable to close them by hitting them with my butt without bending my knees.

On a similar note, and you short people will think this is funny but I suspect you tall people understand, why on earth do builders of homes and hotels feel that a shower head can be placed under 6' from the ground? When I lived in the Fairfax area my shower head came up to my chin. I had to become a contortionist just to wash my hair! In fact, I came into work one day with this gash on my forehead from where I whacked my head into the stupid thing.

Now I know, the shorter amongst us will say 'If it is too high I am unable to adjust the shower head' to which I reply 'Once the shower head is adjusted it is good to go, so get a tall friend to do it for you or a ladder. However, us tall people can't shrink and have to deal with low shower heads all the time.'

And don't even get me started on why this one hotel I stayed at thought a shower head that only came up to mid-chest was a good idea.