Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Nature of Belief

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Anyway, Bunny asked me a good question responding to my 'everything is horrible' post a few days ago that I thought deserved it's own entry. She said, and I quote:

Oh and as devil's advocate: Do you also read things that encourage or positively explain religions or aspects of faith? Or is it just criticisms?

I do, I have. In fact, I love talking to people that are very religious. Not to argue with them, but to understand where they are coming from. I find the vast majority of followers are very pleasent and are fun to talk to and I have no problem with them or their beliefs. They get a lot of strength from it and in some ways I envy that. It is very personal, very sincere and usually very private.

The one's I have problems with are the one's that feel they are superior and/or shove their faith down my throat. The evangelicals. Those are the guys that I read about and am critical of. The ones that force their morality on me and are attempting to force it on the entire country. The ones that are trying to push religion into politics. That is where my criticism comes from and who I rail against. Not religion in general, but religion that ceases to be personal and attempts to become law.

Hope that clarifies things a bit. :)

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Bunny said...

Thanks for the whole post response to my comment!

I guess it intrigues me because I don't find that I encounter a lot of people who try to force or push their beliefs onto me. I like to read, see things in the world that make me think about them within the contexts of my own faith. The only "crazies" I can think of coming into contact with are the odd people that would stand out on campus and shout about how we were all going to hell. But that is a very small portion of the Christian community. (And I assume we are talking mostly about Christians here)

I think my own philosophy is that I am an example of my faith. I do not "Bible beat" or preach to people. I try to live my life as an expression of my faith and to show kindness to other people.