Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gas Prices

I'm sure you all hear about the retiring CEO of Exxon getting his 400 million dollar retirement package. That breaks down to about $117,000 a DAY. A fricken DAY!! Think about that. We are paying close to $3.00/gallon and dipshits like that are getting retirement packages worth $117,000 a DAY? Doesn't that get a reaction out of you?

When the heads of the oil companies testified on Capitol Hill the chairman from Alaska refused to swear them in. About a week later the Washington Post released a report contradicting the testimony they gave. Why on Earth would you not swear people in when they testifiy before congress?

The tax cuts were full of kickbacks to the oil industry for 'R&D' and the like. Wow, that worked well! These companies are making record profits, in not small part due to those tax cuts, and we are paying up the ass for gas.

Obviously, something fishy is going on here. So what does your President do? Well, calls from the Dems last week he ignored. Yesterday the speakers of the House and Senate wrote him a letter and he finally decided to ask for an inquiry into price fixing. Not that that will go anywhere with this Administration. I mean, come on. Bush's roots are in the oil industry. It's no mistake the tax cuts were aimed at them.

And now, one of the most environmentally unfriendly administrations in history is doing this. How fricken convient. Gee, I wonder how long this rollback will last?

The environmental rules are not the problem. The problem is price fixing and kick backs to an industry that has no intention of investing in alternatives when they can make record profits with a friendly administration in place. The investigation will be stone walled just like the 9/11, wiretaping, Abu G, Gitmo, Iraq, etc etc investigations have all been stone walled and we will continue to pay up the ass so these guys can laugh all the way to the bank.



Silent Joe said...

I didnt vote for this a-hole and I cannot wait until he is out of office. We, as Americans, need to stop taking it up the back region and start investing in technologies like Fuel Cells.

I'm looking for a conversion kit. heh

Antijen said...

Look. Quit whining and come to Canada. Ok, so maybe our Prime Minister is trying to be Bush's Mini-me, our gas prices still suck, and it's really cold in the winter.

But at least here, when you go completely insane from all the crap you're seeing around you... the drugs will be free. :)

Damn, I'm glad I don't have a car. Because I'm already mad at gas prices, and I can't imagine how much madder I'd be if I had to drive around.

$117,000 a day? I'll never see that in a year. Sure, he's CEO of a giant company and all, and should probably be making more money than me anyway. But something tells me that the package they offer me at retirement will be to give me a nice pen and to have someone hold the door so it doesn't hit me on the ass on the way out.

Something's not right.

Communism, anyone? :p