Friday, October 05, 2007

Shifting Ideology

In the late 80's, early 90's I was probably more conservative than liberal.  I'm ashamed of this but I actually read Rush and related a bit.  That was back when the Republican party hadn't gone insane yet.  It wasn't until the witch hunt of a blow job that I started to shift to the left to where the adults live. 

So it was very interesting to me to read this post by a once staunch conservative on why he left the party.  I have to say I couldn't agree more.  I will never be a social conservative but I do believe in a smaller government and some other economically conservative ideals.  However, until the GOP kicks out the crazy fear mongers (and Rudy is by far the worst right now of the contenders) I too will be willing to pay more in taxes in the short term than see the country continue to go down the tubes.

Seriously.  Is the threat of paying a little more in taxes really enough of a reason to turn your back on sanity?


Shana said...

I CANNOT believe that you would actually say things like "where the adults live" and imply that people leaning more conservative are insane!!

It's those things that completely rub me the wrong way when it comes to discussing politics with certain people (and I have to admit that more often than not it's liberals.. and that, ironically enough, is what makes them seem childish).

I stop listening when people start insulting.. it's just the way I am, and I'm willing to bet that other people are this way as well.

It's okay.. I guess I'll forgive you for your 'close-mindedness' just this once, but only cause I like you .. otherwise...8^D

Ryan said...


I'm pretty sure you misread what I am saying. I'm not implying that leaning conservative is insane. I am saying that the current state of the republican party, those people that run it, the Dobson's and Project for New American Century people, are totally off their rocker and batshit crazy. Not people that just 'lean conservative' as I myself do on a fair amount of issues.

Look, the Republican party, as it is now, had totally abandoned the principles of small government, etc. Did you even read the link?

Antijen said...

Anyone who exists at either far end of the spectrum is batshit insane. The world doesn't work at extremes. And I'd like to believe that we can collectively ignore the nutjobs on either side and let life go on.

But maybe I'm too optimistic.