Friday, February 20, 2009

What Keeps Ryan Up At Night - Chairs!

Ok, this came to be last night or the night before, don't recall which...but I was thinking: "Sci Fi has a lot of creatures that walk and talk like people but have weird parts, like tails." Right? That is true.

However, look at the chairs on these shows! How the hell does something with a tail sit in a chair! And what if you have three butt cheeks? Or no butt at all! It isn't going to be real comfortable. That is butt discrimination right there, people!

Sci Fi writers need to think of this stuff. If I was a lizard-person and I had a tail, you better believe I'd want to sit every once in a while!

And no, I wasn't smoking/drinking/injecting/etc anything. These are the things that come to me late at night.

And yes, I get blank looks a lot. I am ok with this.


Becky said...

Thank you for removing my migraine :))))))

Kat said...

Trying to think...
In Independence Day the evil alien lord is standing in front of his touch screen from what I recall.
In the Star Wars Cantina I think most of them are standing too. Though I don't recall giant lizards being there.
You might have a case! What movies are there giant lizards? Curious.

Ryan said...

I don't know, off-hand. I seem to remember something with a bunch of lizard-people walking around but I watched so many B-movies while working I mix them all up.

A cartoon I used to watch when I was a wee-one was called The LIttles. They were like these mouse-people, real tiny, living in the walls of a house and making all kinds of cool contraptions out of everyday materials. Anyway, they had tails. I don't remember them sitting too much either.