Friday, March 04, 2011

That Dancing Thing

In May last year I started to take ballroom dancing lessons. Years ago, when swing was having something of a revival, I took a couple of group lessons and really enjoyed it. When I was in Ashburn I toyed with the idea of picking up lessons again but never got around to it. After a nice big fail trying to dance at a wedding I decided to pick it up again. The person I was dating at the time enjoyed dancing so that was a motivation as well, truth be told.

It turns out I have something of an aptitude to it. Either that or my teachers are blowing smoke up my ass. Either way, I have been having fun doing it. My background in music really helps as it allows me to pick out the beat and understand phrasing. Sometimes the phrasing thing is annoying during group classes because everyone else starts and I'm waiting for the beginning of the phrase.

Anyway I have mixed feelings about this and it comes from my own crap. On one hand, the ladies like to dance so that is a bonus. On the other, and this is stupid but I can't get it out of my head, dancing isn't exactly a manly pursuit. Man, I feel like such a sell out putting voice to this but there is is in my head none the less. I probably just need to grow up. What is the point of this blog if I'm not honest though, right?

So each week I go through these doubts of wanting to pursue it. It is a cultural thing, no doubt. But it is holding me back from embracing it more. Boo cultural prejudices. I'll grow out of it eventually.

Moving on. The school I go to, Arthur Murray Dance Studio, is a world wide dealio that has been around forever. I pay up the butt for it but with the rate I get private lessons, up to four group classes a week, and two big ass dance practice party things each week. Last month I decided to throw myself more into the dance thing. I end up doing some 3 to 6 hours of class/practice a week. Nuts.

Meh, running out of steam on this post. The nutshell is I'm really starting to enjoy it as I get more confident. Good times.


Jason said...

Think of it this way: You can be a wuss because you like to dance or you can be a wuss because you worry about what others may perceive. :)

Ryan said...

Well, that pretty much sums it up then doesn't it? Thanks :)

Becky said...

I say own that you enjoy it and just do it don't worry about what other people think.

I was in a professional dance company when I was younger and not all the guys in it were "manly" but a vast majority were if that is your concern. It is a common misconception.

I love that one of my friends loves dancing as much as I do. When I suggested it as a possible outing only you and one other guy were interested in the possibility...none of the girls.

What is up with me this week? I am no longer a lurker on your blog.

Ryan said...

Yeah, there are a couple instructors in the class that are questionable but generally that isn't the case.

Is this Becky with the kids or Becky with an L? :)

Guinevere said...

Getting the girls IS a manly pursuit.

silverhand69 said...

Ryan. Keep dancing, I do. The masculinity of a man should not determined by a standard imposed insecure men who fear to express themselves by dancing, but by how he breaks the "norm" and lives life according to his own desires.I admire your determination.-Will

RedTruck47 said...

Hey bud, I'm a firefighter and a carpenter in Baltimore city, and I love to partner dance. I like fixing cars, I listen to classic rock, just happens that I really enjoy partner dancing.

Keep it up, bro. Nothing feels better than doing what you love to do.

To thine own self be true, and thou canst be false to any man."