Friday, March 25, 2005

Just In Case... thought I wasn't posting anymore about politics, here is a nice link I urge you all to read. Shows some of the divisions finally coming to the surface in the Republican party between the loonies that run the show and the traditional Republicans that I like.

All Quiet on the Western Front

Enjoy. Curious to hear what you all think.


Ben said...

An interesting read, although I didn't have time to peruse too many of the comments.

I've always considered myself a liberal conservative. I like some Democrats, I like some Republicans. I try to keep an open mind about most issues because few things are black and white.

One of the things that I consider to be fairly clear is that Dubya and his growing band of Dubyas are very scary. They are putting lots of power into very few hands with very little accountability. Not a good combination for the people. I have no idea of Kerry would have done a better job of things, but I seriously doubt that he would be so scary.

Ben said...
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