Tuesday, March 22, 2005


So, like most everyone else I haven't kept up. No excuse! Time to ramble. Just random thoughts in no particular order after catching up on everyone else's blogs.

It seems like we have the baby blogs (Jamie and Ben) and then everyone else. That's cool. Babies everywhere. My neighbors just had a second one (baby boy this time) so now they have a pair. Leslie and I are pretty close to them and still make time to hang out, but it's not so much the case anymore with Ben and Jamie and I miss that. Babies change everything, no doubt.

Leslie and I are moving west. When and where are still up to debate, although we are shooting for the fall and Oregon. We are looking at the Portland area right now and will probably expand the search all the way down to the CA border. We are focusing on a rather narrow strip of eastern western Oregon. Between where its not super rainy and super dry. Shooting for 10+ acres, preferably 20 with a barn, some open field for the horses, and hopefully some woods. Everyone has a wood fireplace out there. Love them, as long as I don't burn up an oven mit again.

So I flew for the first time since early 2001 to Florida for Leslie's sister's wedding. More about that later.

I think I'm going to write about school in my next post.

Lots of thoughts.


Ben said...

I was begining to wonder about you. Glad to see you're still alive and posting.

Yes, having a baby does mean that I don't get to see as much of a lot of people. We miss seeing you guys, but now that Abby is getting a little bigger and less demanding, we'd love to come see you some time or have you over. And at some point, we need to introduce Abby to Hibachi. Should be fun.... (And just to let your readers know, I did invite you to my LAN party recently so I haven't completely fogotten about you.)

I too have noticed that my 'blog has become rather baby-centric. I have some other ideas for posts, but they require some thought whereas the baby posts are usually quick and easy (short story + cute pictures = easy post). At some point, I'll put up all the other things I've been wanting to. Geeky things like wireless networking, TiVo (which we still, regrettably, don't have), etc.

I'm sad and excited to hear that you're moving West. It'll probably be better for you ('close' to work, land for horses, etc.) so I hope it all works out for you.

Ryan said...

It's very hard for me to move that far away. It really is. The biggest thing I'm having trouble with is moving away from all of my friends and the social circles I have. One thing that is helping with that is the baby-factor. Our relationships have changed so now is as good a time as any to do it. Besides, now that I'm flying again as long as we can get a horse sitter the East Coast is just a five hour flight away. :)

JMc said...

I try not to make my blog too baby-centric, but like Ben says, the baby posts are quick and easy. Anyway, we should plan an activity or two before you leave us!