Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oblivious Dumbass

I would like everyone to meet Shana.  On September 2nd at the Brassballs Saloon in Ocean City, MD we decided to date.  We would have been dating earlier but I was too much of an oblivious dumbass to do anything about it.  But now things are very good. :)

And speaking of being a dumbass, I haven't bothered to get to mail from my mailbox since I returned from Colorado.  I just went out there to pick it up and low-and-behold there was just a single note that the Post Office has decided that my mailbox is vacant and returned everything to sender.  That'll be fun sorting out.

Dumbassery.  Ugh.


Becky said...

Ok sorry I got a good laugh from that:)

Erica said...


Yay for no longer being a dumbass ;)

Shana said...

I second that Yay for no longer being a dumbass!!

Ryan said...

Stop laughing at me!

I asked them to resume mail service yesterday morning and I had a note in my mailbox yesterday afternoon that said it was too much mail and I'd have to pick it up. Anyone have a wheel barrow I can borrow?

Becky said...

I have a wagon:)
And someone used the word Indubitably wednesday while I dropped kiddo at school:)
I'm still laughing about the mail....:()

Ryan said...

Holy crap. I picked up my mail. Wait until you see the picture of it.