Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dread Then Not

So for the past few months I had this unsettling feeling of dread regarding 2008. I don't know why. It bothered me for a while, even though I tried not to focus on it.

Last week, it went *poof*. It is no longer there. Now I feel excited about 2008.

The changed happened about the same time I decided to stop letting my life continue on its little downward spiral. I have just been going through the motions for sometime now. Heck, not even all the motions. My house is a wreck, bills were piling up, etc. So one day last week I finally got tired of it. I sat down, made a budget that will put me in the black by the end of January (don't expect anything expensive for x-mas this year), made appointments with my shrink, psychologist and a medical doctor (haven't seen one in years) for a general checkup. And I started cleaning the house last night.

This is a general cycle for me but this time it went deeper than usual. That bothers me but at least I feel like I'm on the up swing finally.

Yay me.


Shana said...

Ummm... and yet, somehow.. I feel like my timeline corresponds in a very sad way to this.

Hrm, something to think about.

Silent Joe said...

they are only going longer because your internal clock has a bigger understanding of time.

Relatively, they are the same given your age. :)

1 month at age 1 is like 1 year at age 12. 2 years at age 24 etc...

- Joe