Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Am Progressive

I believe in the separation of Church and State.
I believe in the power of the individual voter.
I believe that, when run effectively, social programs are a vital part of a thriving society.
I believe that the free market needs some regulation, although perhaps not as much as it currently has.
I believe in stronger state's rights.
I believe in labor unions.
I believe in evolution.
I believe that marriage doesn't have to be between a man and a woman.
I believe in a woman's right to choose and that stem cells are not babies.
I believe in government transparency.
I believe in three separate but equal branches of government, not in a unitary executive.
I believe there is too much special interest money in government.
I believe the War on Terror is not a war but should be a police action, as it is in the rest of the world.
I believe in a progressive tax code and the estate tax.
I believe that a strong middle class is the key to a strong economy and that ours is shrinking.
I believe that politics in Washington are very partisan and combative but that is a sign of strong democracy.
I believe the Federal government does have a lot of waste and can be run more effciently, but a certain amount of red tape is desireable.
I believe in some common sense gun control measures but am undecided where to draw the line.
I believe universal healthcare is not socializim and that our society could benefit greatly from it.
I believe that a strong, questioning press corps is vital for a successful democracy and that ours is anything but strong and questioning.
That is what being a progressive means to me.


Silent Joe said...

marriage should be outlawed as far as the government "bonuses".


Marriage is a religious ceremony. There is suppose to be separation of church and state. Government is outlawing "same sex" marriages therefore putting there nose into religious matters. Therefore, there is truly no separation of church and state. The government should not care about marriages nor give special privelages to those that are. If there was true seperation of church and state, whom/what/when/how marriages are conducted should not matter to any government office.

Does that make me progressive also?

- Joe

Silent Joe said...

I reread your post today and one thing has me curious.

What exactly do you mean by a progressive tax code?

And I dont believe states should have more rights. It helps divide the nation more. We already have to many idiots at the local government, you give them more rights then hell is going to freeze over. We are one nation and should be ruled as such. This individual state rights is causing so much crap in todays politics. Look at gay rights, marriage, changes to the pledge of allegience. All started at the state level and namely "progressive California".

Other than that I can agree with everything you said and my little exception above.

- Joe