Friday, January 04, 2008

Religious Clarification

Meant to do this a week or so ago.

Over a very enjoyable discussion with some friends before x-mas it was expressed to me that I tend to generalize in my rants about religion. I believe that as far as this blog goes that view is probably correct. When I discuss religion with people in person I tend to lay out the following clarification and I don't believe I ever did the same here.

Most people of the religious type, and I mean the vast majority, I have absolutely no issue with and, in fact, am jealous of to some degree. I believe religion is deeply personal and can provide a person with a certain comfort that I just don't have in my life.

When I rant about religion I am mostly ranting against those that try to push religion down my throat. Those people that mix religion and politics or who are just as busy brainwashing the young of America as those they rail against are in Islam or whatever (see Jesus Camp, for a great example of this). I believe that kind of religion is extremist and that is what I rant against, not the everyday average believer with whom I have no problem.

So while my language can be interpreted sometimes as being generalist, I do not mean it to and I hope this post clarifies that.


Bunny said...

I appreciate this clarification, I really, really enjoyed talking with you and I hope we can do it again soon sometime. (You have impressed me with your self-examinative [what? it's a word] attitude and incredible candor)
I have to say that I sort of get the feel through this generalization that somebody tried to shove some religion down your throat and it has scarred you in some way. (Perhaps a bit of an over exaggeration) In my experience, I just kind of chock a lot of the crazy-conservative-my-religion-must-be-imposed-on-all people up to being ker-azy. I don't find that in my interactions with people in the real world are hugely affected by the ker-azies. No one in my grocery store or circle of friends or even church have made any issues of my beliefs. It doesn't interfere with my life. I don't go around cursing because I'm being oppressed by anyone's religion. And I have feeling that those of other faiths living in this country probably have the same experience. Mostly in real life, Christians are just nice people. And you can pretty much avoid not nice people and not nice Christians pretty easily.

Ryan said...

I concur and hope we can engage in more debate. The abortion conversation was great and gave me a lot to think about. I plan on posting about it eventually, maybe after I talk to more people.

Thanks for the compliment. Socrates said "The unexamied life is not worth living" and I believe that is very true.

Regarding being scarred by someone trying to shove religion down my throat, it honestly hasn't happened. My views evolved over time rather than happening by one or two single events. I think I should blog about that and see if I can jar some stuff loose.

Silent Joe said...

There is a huge difference between someone with good morals and a brainwashed religion follower. The only thing I think most religions do is teach people good morals.

Unfortunately, Christianity has been associated with "good people" and anyone that has any decency or maners is assumed christian and those that are not are considered of another religion or non religious.

It really comes down to the parents. If a child has good parents, they are usually taught good ethics and morals. If a child has "bad" parents or what I like to call "tv parents" and expect others to raise there kids... well lets just say our prisons are already full.

You dont have to be religious to be a good person.