Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The HRC 'Upset' In NH


Clinton won in NH because she has been aiming at it for the past year. She had much more of a network there than anyone else and she has been working the state longer than anyone. To think that the tears or whatever is what pulled her ahead of Obama is silly. It only became an 'upset' because our all-knowing press corp made it one, not because of reality.

God I hate the press.

I will add that I love how wrong the press got this one. They were already writing HRC off and I find that funny. Almost as funny as Huck, but not quite. They fancy themselves king makers and that is just wrong.


Silent Joe said...

You know what else is bullshit? Primaries.

Independants are not "invited" to vote in them and then are left to choose from the "scraps" of who the partied people decided they wanted.

Primaries should be stopped. period. They are unfair to independent politicial parties giving the "primary" political parties unfair publicity towards there candidates while shadowing any who choose to run on an independant ticket.

Bullshit 100%.

James said...

Actually, in New Hampshire, when you show up at the polls, you choose whether you want to vote in the Democratic or Republican primary, regardless of your party affiliation. So, in that state, independents are included in the process as much as anyone else. IMO, other states should do something similar.

Ryan said...

A fair amount of states actually have open primaries. VA does. My impression is that closed primaries are actually the lesser of the two, although I don't know for sure.