Friday, January 11, 2008


I decided to review a couple of movies for you all. These reviews will contain some things that could be considered spoliers. In order to protect anyone from being spoiled I will begin each paragraph with the name of the movie it reviews. If you don't want spoilage, don't read that paragraph. However, be warned that you will miss some witty and funny descriptions that will make you snort and, in the case of drinking a beverage, would make you snarf it. That would be unfortunate because I would like to be there to watch you snarf and then laugh at you and since I cannot you would be wasting a perfectly good snarf. Onward!

Crap. Ok, not total crap, but not nearly as good as the first one. I just couldn't care less about Cage's character wanting to clear his families name. So your family shot Lincoln, who cares! It's not like you did it. Get a grip, man. And what was up with the bad guy suddenly turning good and redeeming himself? That was a little abrupt, after going out of your way to show how evil he was he flips on the turn of a dime? Blah. I will say the big ass table balancing act thingy was fun.

Think '28 Days Later' meets 'Cast Away' with a black Tom Hanks (think about it, both Will Smith and Tom Hanks come from similiar comedy backgrounds and then proved they are incrediably versitle actors). Well, 'Cast Away' if it happened in New York city and a bunch of crazies that used to be people were trying to eat you. Oh, and there seems to be one crazy that leads the show even though you spent part of the movie explaining how all social behavior has left them and then never quite explaining how that one guy was the ring leader. Smith's performance was amazing, however and the movie itself is actually very good and enjoyable.

Come on, it's RAMBO! You can't go wrong! It comes out on Jan 25th and my ass is there for the opening. I've been waiting to see a Rambo in the theater and I can't wait for this. I have no idea who he is taking out all by his lonesome this time but I bet it'll be just as unbelievable as the rest. I hope they don't even bother with a plot this time. Just plop him down in some random jungle and have the blood bath start. That's the Rambo I like.

Yay Movies!

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