Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Media, The Primaries and Sexism

So by now everyone should know how much I loathe the media, primarily the TV gas bags and blow hards. Last night was AWESOME in-so-much that it was egg on their collective faces. I would love to see that happen more often. Maybe get these dipshits to talk about the canditates based on their issues and now their 'tears'. Jesus.

Anyway, here in Lou Dobbs saying pretty much the same thing. Although his claiming independence is shit, but whatever.

And because my bitching at Mathews went over so well last time, here he is again proving my point. Oh, and this. I like how she totally brushes him off at the end and he is all red faced. Good lovin.

Speaking of sexism, here is an article I lined to in the Iowa thread that talks about it. And here is the famous back rub to the Germany Chancelor by the Frat-Boy-In-Chief back at the G8 summit. What an embarassement that guy is.

So do I think sexism has something to do with the HRC compagin, whether for it or against, you damn well bet I do. I think the evidence is clear.

It'll be a REAL interesting 11 months.


Dave said...

As for the talkingpointsmemo link, Matthews definitely digs himself in a hole, contradicts his previous statement, and implies something pretty insulting -- the "only" reason she won was because of the Lewinsky stuff. That's silly, of course. But, I think any reasonably objective observer will admit the following:
1) elections are popularity contests. Period.
2) the Lewinsky scandal made her sympathetic; a lot of people who really disliked her before it disliked her less after.
3) a woman who never held public office before was elected to the Senate. That's pretty rare. One usually holds a state office and/or a House seat before heading for the Senate.

I'm not saying she's unqualified -- quite the opposite -- she seems to have served NY quite well. But, again, elections are popularity contests and her Senate race (and now presidential race) was/is greatly helped by name recognition.

As for the crooksandliars link, I totally disagree. Matthews asked a great question and she completely dodged it with this "men are obsessed with me" bullshit.

Matthews: "How does your Iraq exit strategy differ from Obama's?"

HRC: "I plan on getting out responsibly"
(dishonest in itself given that Obama has said the same thing)

Matthews: "Are you saying that Obama's plan isn't responsible?"

HRC: dodge, dodge, dodge... "Why are men so obsessed with me?"

Are you kidding me? With answers like that she deserves to lose.

As for her "[brushing] him off"... he's said publicly that they're friends and that he and she like each other personally. That little exchange was a moment between two friends/colleagues. They hugged and made up. Aw.

Ryan said...

Good points. How about this then?

Ryan said...

And this: