Monday, January 21, 2008

A Religious Question

So I was in the shower where I do my best thinking this morning and religion popped into my mind. I don't recall the train of thought that led me there but I'm sure it was weird.

Anyway, I got to thinking about what the peeps that wrote the various cannon's believed before they believed in Christ? Particularly the old-testament peeps. What they heck were they into before Christianity came along? I know the answer if you buy into the 6000 year old earth thing but how do you square it if you don't buy into that?

I realize this may be totally naive so educate me?

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Bunny said...

Hmm, even as a Christian I find this hard to answer. I am in no way any kind of Biblical scholar. Most of my faith comes from my real world experiences, not so much from a background in scripture. (Side note: interesting, though is that once I started building a faith and seeing how God works in my life I started finding scripture to support what I was learning in "real life." So, interesting.)
I think (could be wrong, just a guess) is that God is the same as He has always been and will always be. I think it is just man's interpretation of that divine creation, grace, and love that changes. I guess I look at Old Testament times as very historical, people that followed very archaic rituals and traditions.
I guess I sort of think that God was the same before and after Christ and that His grace and love were there somehow, but that through Christ he was able to show a lot of people?
I don't know, just sort of thinking out loud here.