Friday, January 18, 2008


Some fun stuff, after the more serious stuff below:

An Auto-Commenter with such comments as 'all your a[i] are belong to us'

Hobbit House

A Religous One


SuperMel said...

//The sum of all fears.

Brilliant. I especially like the Bitterness=DeathMarch level.

James said...

The religious one was pretty darn funny. Hard to believe there are people that are that "conservative" (using that word to be nice). Don't know if you heard, but Michelle's mom gave her a hard time on her birthday this past year for ordering lobster at dinner...that whole eating shellfish is an abomination thing. ROFL.

Silent Joe said...

the religious one is a wake up call. It goes to show you just how wrong the good book is. To be a christian, you have to believe the whole book, not just the pieces you want.

Ryan said...

I think there is a vast difference between people that believe the Bible should be taken literally versus those that take it as allegory. It is the literal peeps that I think you get a lot of the weirder beliefs from, like those in that link.