Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Goal

I have decided to sit a goal for myself this summer. It is a lofty goal, and may not be reachable because towards the end it depends on the willingness of others. However, I want to do as much as I can personally to achieve it.

The goal is this: charter a boat and sail in the British Virigin Islands.

This weekend I take the first step towards this along with Mel when we take a two day course to learn basic sailing skills. After this course we will then have our Basic Sailing Cert that will allow us to charter sail boats for in-shore sailing. The next step is to take a cruising which is offered by the same marina. This is where it starts to become dependent on others. The course is two days on a 38+ foot cruiser learning about various weekend-type skills. However, it has to be privately scheduled which means I need to round up some people that are interested in doing this. Volunteers or am I going to have to talk you all into it?

Finally, this same marina, at the completion of the cruising course will help you setup a sailing vacation in the B.V.I. for you and some of your closest friends. Seriously, how fricken awesome would that be? Of course, I need people to do that as well.

So! Who wants to help me accomplish my goal?


Becky said...

No. Dude....I went to the BVI's almost 9 years ago....look what it did to me:) Plus, go re-read my emails about me and boats!
You're crazy but it does sound like fun!
Then again, maybe I'll go if you pay for my therapy haha:)

Shana said...

Um... do you even have to ask... you and Mel do all the work, I get to relax and sail... sounds like a deal to me.

Clyde said...

You know me...I am all in for any awesome craziness!

Kirsten said...

I'm with clyde! :)

Meredith Self said...

i promise to foresee any incoming bruises...can i come? ;p