Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Consequences Free Zone

I sent the following Twitter out this evening while at dinner:

Single people, hear me! We are in a 'consequences free area'. Live it up people!

This was pushed to my Facebook page as well. Yes, I changed 'area' to 'zone'...it sounds better. Anyway, I was immediately asked wtf I was talking about and comments about there 'always being consequences' and such. Obviously, an explanation is in order. Or maybe not, but I'll try to explain anyway.

What I mean by a Consequences Free Zone (CFZ) is simply that I think we get too tied up in the day-to-day, in our own fears, and in the prejudices that are forced upon us to really be able to let loose and experience life. Remember you are single. You are not beholden to anyone but yourself. You don't owe anyone any explanation but yourself. It's a CFZ people!

And no, I'm not advocating a totally care-free life. You still have to be smart about the choices you make. When you look at a possible consequence, where is it coming from? Is it something that affects you directly or not? Is it from something that is an external societal norm BS or is it internal to you? We so often get tied up in other people's crap that has no bearing on us and it makes us pull back from who we really are.

I think we get dragged down into always doing the responsible thing too often instead of doing the enjoyable thing, the healthy thing. Not that responsibility is something that should be dismissed nor should there be no limits. I am arguing that we go too far to the one side and put boxes around us that aren't necessary. Those boxes aren't healthy. Who are they helping? What is the purpose? The world is your oyster, so grab the damn thing already!

Live it up!


Anonymous said...

I was inclined to disagree with what was posted/twittered. However, I actually agree with your point after reading the explanation and thinking about it. I personally worry way too much about what other people think about my decisions and actions and have trouble following my instincts... and it's holding me back. In order to get real with what I want in my life, I need to let go of that a lot.

A good New Year's reminder Ryan! Thank you for the explanation.

Bunny said...

Us married people have fun too. We're not just fuddy-duddies caged up in "boxes!"

Kirsten said...

I think that, despite whether you're single or married...we still have way too many responsibilities and obligations. At least I do...and most of them unfortunately are financial :-( I often dream about what my life would be like if money weren't a barrier...how different it'd be!

CMS said...

You're so funny. Not funny as in wrong, but funny as in you actually talk about this stuff. I'm begininng to think you are a phenominon to the male race.

I'm intrigued by this one almost feeling the need to argue it ;-) but let me think on it more..... it's early here.

CMS said...

>The world is your oyster, so grab the damn thing already!

But, what if you're allergic to shellfish???? ;-)

Antijen said...

Why would you want to grab an oyster anyway? They're slimy and squishy.