Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Still Alive

Haven't updated in a while. I've just been treading water the past few weeks, not moving forward or back. That ended a couple of days ago, finally.

I updated my iFreelance profile and started pounding Craig's List for new contracts. I'm down to one and need to get a safety net going. You can check out my profile if you like at Lucidosity. Yes that is the name I am doing business under now. Hopefully I'll be able to eventually turn up some additional work.

I am picking up the boat engine today! Yay! Last week I spent Thursday, Saturday and Sunday working on the boat. I figure I put in 20 solid hours actually on the boat cleaning and fixing. Had some help from C on Sunday, thanks! The teak has all been installed with only two mishaps. I managed to split one board because I screwed the screw in too deep. And apparently I misplaced two screws because the standard sized ones that are used everywhere else popped through on the other side of the teak. Other than that, its all nice and pretty now. The decks have been cleaned as much as they are going to get without breaking out power tools. I'm going to see what waxing some of the surfaces looks like. I found two leaks in the deck that I need to fix this weekend then I move on to the interior.

At some point I WILL GO SAILING, dang it all. Probably not until next week though.

This weekend I have a Nebillio vertical tasting at Breaux on Saturday (mmmm) and the Reston Wine Festival on Sunday (mmmmm). Sunday night, I sleep. :)

So there you go. An update in a nutshell.


CMS said...

Thanks for the update!! I am happy.... for now.

CMS said...

BTW, keep up the search!!! Something will come up... it has to!