Saturday, July 29, 2006

'Good, Bad, I'm the one with the gun'

Some of you know that I have a HUGE fan of the Evil Dead series. I have all of them, collector's version as well. I even have the action figure. I've been a fan of Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell before they were super famous (Sam Rami is the Spider Man director).

'Army of Darkness' was released in theaters a while back. That movie was actually a continutation of the Evil Dead series. It was Evil Dead 3. People have been dogging Rami and Campbell for years to make a new one and they have always turned it down.

I was poking around Internet Movie Database ( and looked up Sam Rami. Low and behold, he is the producer of an Evil Dead remake. He wants a new director and new cast to do a remake like what was done with Dawn of the Dead, etc. Evil Dead was one of the best horror movies of all time and influenced the genre quite a bit. It is fantastic to hear that it will be remade, can't wait!

However, they will be casting a new Ash since it is a remake. Oh the horror! Just won't be the same.

So I did some more poking around and I finally found what I was looking for...Evil Dead 4, bitches! There will be a new one in the series with Campbell playing Ash again. It might be called Army of Darkness 2, which would suck, but I guess it makes since because it would be a bit confusing to have The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 4 out at the same time. Who cares though, the import thing is that Ash is coming back, baby!

Oh oh oh! And a Bubba Ho-tep 2 is on the slate as well.

Anyway, here is the link with all the goods.

Some good movies are on the horizon.

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JMc said...

Good stuff! Thanks for turning me on to "Army of Darkness" many, many years ago. One of my favorites.