Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why The A-Team Still Rocks

Big guy to Mr. T: "Whoa, you're a big one."
Mr. T to Big Guy: "Listen fool! I'm also a mean one!"
*THWACK* -Sound of Big guy's ass getting throw into a parked car

Dude to Murdoc: "You're nuts!"
Murdoc to dude: "No, I'm condements. I've been promoted!"

Love it!


Dallace said...

Let me guess... You've got TVland!

You won't believe how I ran across this place. Or, maybe you will... I did a single search on google for shoansy and your blog is the single find! Nicely done.

Any word about the boat yet?

Ryan said...

Fricken awesome! A new reader! :)

How was the drive home?

No word on the boat yet, hopefully any day. They said it would be two weeks so they still have a day or two before I start calling.

Feel free to pass the address of the blog around. I need more readers. :)

Dallace said...

The drive home was 'long' however uneventful. The portable DVD player sitting in the dash, while illegal as hell, makes the time go by MUCh faster!

Dallace said...
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Ryan said...

Ha ha. What did you watch?

And how do you explain the movie theater in your dash if you get pulled over?