Monday, July 24, 2006

Of Airplanes, Boxers and Pirates

I want to start this post with the description of a dream I had last night. For those of you who don't know, I am into remote control electric airplanes. And, I have a cat named Misfit who is kinda small and is missing a tail. Ok, with those two facts in mind, here is the dream.

In a nutshell, went to some sort of summer camp where we had to make R/C
Planes. So I put this plane together like they wanted but something
happened and the body broke on it. So I decided to use Misfit (yes, my
cat) as the body of the plane. I strapped the wings and such on to him
and took him out to the field, which was surrounded with trees and dark
out for some reason. Anyway, Misfit was fine during the wing attachment
process but once I set him down on the field he ran off. So I had to
chase him around a house that was on the field until I finally caught up
to him. :)

That's it. Thought you might find it amusing.

As for Boxers and Pirates...I saw the new Pirates movie. I enjoyed it, good flick. It ends very well and sets up the next one great. Plus, make sure you stay until after the credits for a little scene at the end wrapping up a loose end. Just like Star Trek III: The Search for Spock I believe the tag line on the Pirates III is going to be The Search for Jack.

As for Boxers...Rocky Balboa baby! This Christmas! Can't wait!

Oh...and a Transformers movie next year...yes, those Transformers.



Dallace said...

I'm envious of you and others that remember their dreams. I know I have them because I talk in my sleep :-P but they disappear when I wake up!

As for Movies, I haven't seen Pirates yet, but I've heard it's a little confusing 'during' the movie... Last movie we saw was Superman, which I liked. A few new twists in the story too.

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Dallace said...
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CMS said...

Do you ever "not" like a movie? :-)

Pirates was alright. Definately not as good as the first and I agree with the critics that the fight scene went entirely too long. Johnny Depp was amazing as always and the end was a good twist... but what is with all these movies just being a part 1 of a 2 part series ? At least in the Star Wars movies you could leave having some closure and not enduring a total cliffhanger.

Movies this summer have been mediocre at best. Superman, ok, Pirates a little better than ok and chic flick Prada, barely ok - and barely resmebeling the book. I want to see Da Vinci, but am afraid for that seeing the state of affairs.

Your thoughts?

Dallace said...

I too am scared to go see Da Vinci, because I enjoyed the book so much. But generally speaking I'm not extremely critical of movies and enjoy them stricktly for their entertainment value.

Recent Movies I've seen so you can gauge my reviews

8 Below - Good
The Worlds Fastest Indian - Good
Hostel - Strange, but Good
Ultraviolet - Watchable but not Good
├ćon Flux - Much like the above
Running Scared - GREAT movie
And since I'm apparently on a Paul Walker Marathon...
Into the Blue - Jessica Alba Yummy, Movie was "ok"

Ryan said...

Ever see a movie I didn't like? That's rude! I only go to movies that I think are going to be good, usually I'm not disappointed. There are a bunch out that I have no desire to see and, if I were to see them, then yes...I would have seen movies I didn't like. So there!

Da Vinci isn't bad. It follows the book pretty well until the end. Go see it, it won't ruin anything for you. There definately have been worse book to movie transistions. And seeing the barbed thingy that goes around the alino's leg is nuts.

I've seen two movies lately that were pretty unique. I'll post about them.