Friday, August 11, 2006

Boat Update

To recap, the gears in the drivetrain of my boat exploded on July 3rd. I took it into the shop on July 5th. I told them I need it back by Aug 10th for a camping trip on Laka Anna on the 11th. Two weeks after dropping it off they called me with the damage assessment. It wouldn't have been so bad except that the drive shaft was suspect as well.

So, after bothering the crap out of them this week they finally completed the work yesterday (August 10th)...down to the wire. I spent 9 hours in the car yesterday driving down to pick it up, taking it to Lake Anna, then driving home. The repairs cost $2115. I guess no mechanical problems for 5 years is a pretty good run.

So I have my boat back and all is good! I fixed the anchor light last night for some night boating and I have a backup solution for my on-going radio issues.

Good times this weekend!


Dallace said...

Congrats... and ouch, damn toys!! Hope you had a good "boat problem free" weekend.

Antijen said...

It better be working next weekend, because I am NOT swimming behind it to push.


CMS said...

So, how good of times was the weekend ? Did the engine purr after the $$ and repairs - or just wheeze quieter? :-)