Sunday, August 20, 2006

Snakes on a Plane!!!!11!!1!111!!!

Saw it. Love it. Much more entertaining than you'd think.

Fan Trailor

All your snakes are belong to us!



Silent Joe said...

Whats next? Gerbils in a Taxi or Spiders on a commuter bus?



Ryan said...

Bah! Way to judge something you aren't going to see. It's better than you think...

JMc said...

We rarely get to the movies anymore what with the kids and all, but at the beach last week we saw both Taledega Nights and Little Miss Sunshine. The former was only mildly entertaining and certainly not one of Will Ferrel's bests, but the latter film was hilarious. Good cast, good plot, well written, dark but not too dark, and not nearly as predictable as so many movies nowadays. Go see it! ;-)