Saturday, August 19, 2006



Thought I'd post a quick update since I sorta fell off the face of the earth for a bit.

1) The boat works! Took it out last weekend while camping at Lake Anna. I thought it broke down again that Friday but it turns out that a $40 part was all it needed and it worked great the rest of the weekend. Even got a few waves up over the bow to soak people. :)

2) I picked up a second somewhat largish long-term contract so between that and the work I'm doing for my previous job (TADOnline) I should be good to go. Kautz Consulting is back, bitches! That, however, is what has kept me so busy.

3) My house has become the revolving door of roommates. The same weekend Luke moved out Leslie moved in and took over Luke's room totally unexpected. For rent, I'm making her deal with the cat fluids. Ick.

4) Today is the day I've been waiting for: Mother Fucking SNAKES on a Mother Fucking PLANE! I'm so hyped! But first, time to go fly some R/C planes around and see if we can have any more mid-air collisions. Yay!

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CMS said...

#1 - Sweet, but be careful. These things usually occur in three's. Pro - you are 2 down. Con - you may have 1 more to go. Make sure you keep the tarp on and have your insurance up to date ;-)

#2 - Very sweet. Now you can afford it if a third trauma should strike :-). Ah, my Dilbert friends.....

#3 - Interesting. Best wishes on that. "She's" got a good gig though - living quarters for kitty clean up. I need to find an arrangement like that. In that case, I'd hope my landlord would only have a pet snail and a huge house :-). Knowing me though, he/she would have an elephant and a 3 room postage stamp.

#4 - Yeah, won't be seeing that one. HATE SNAKES !!!! I saw The Barnyard instead. The party in-tow was restless and that was a safe compromise. Not a total waste either, but more suggested for a rental. But the theater we went to had self serve butter ( for the popcorn... and possibly that room WAY in the back - just kidding). That almost made it all worth it right there.

Thanks for the update.