Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Alternate Reality: What Would You Be Doing

I was watching me some crappy Sci-Fi today, as I often do whilst I work, and this particular crappy episode involved alternate realities in alternate dimensions. The theory, as was put forth by this crappy tv show, was that there are an infinite number of alternate dimensions presenting us with an infinite number of alternate realities, some of which are close to are own and some that are very different. Got it? Sounds good to me - who am I to argue with such a theory anyway.

So I got to thinking...what would I be doing in some of these other dimensions? I could be the preznit, or I could be living in a box. I could be some famous movie star or some infamous murderer. Hell, I could be a gay pumpkin harvester in Alaska for all I know. appealing.

All in all I like to think I wouldn't be all that much different than who I am now. If I was, I wouldn't be me, would I?

What would you be doing?


Bunny said...

I often say "in another life..."

I think I would climb the corporate ladder and be the head of something competative and lucrative and live in New York City and wear designer clothes and be fabulous.

But really?
I like my life a lot. I wouldn't actually change anything.

Antijen said...

What do I think I'd be doing? Probably the same thing as now but with a different pair of pants on.

What would I like to be doing in an alternate universe? I think I'd like to try out life as a guy for a bit, just to see what it's all about.

Ryan said...

I think it is probably easier than being a woman most of the time. :)

CMS said...

Crap !!! I was hoping this was the alternate reality. Somebody bring me them there ruby slippers. Then again, no. Nobody should ever want to go to Kansas. Driving through it is bad enough.

Fine. Bring me a phone booth instead !!!!!!! :-)

Dave said...

Were you watching Eureka? Anyway...

The way you posed the question made me think of the movie Run Lola Run. Basically, the idea that little changes can have big consequences. Like you, I don't think I'd be very different as I'm happy with the choices I've made in life. But, if little (seemingly insignificant) choices (e.g. should I go shopping before or after work) can have a profound impact on how things turn out then who knows.