Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kiss of the Devil

I went to the 31st Annual Wine Tasting/Show thingy on Saturday. 55 of Virginies 100-some vineyards were represented under four big ass tents. $25 gets you in the door and unlimited tastings, quite the deal. I met up with a MeetUp group ( and proceeded to drink. The process basically was picking a tent, going to all the vineyards in there and trying their wine, then going to get something to eat and repeat for the next tent. By the time one tent was finished you had something like the equivlant of four or more glasses depending on how generous they poured. So, there was quite a bit of inebriation going on.

Anyway, I was there for something like 7 hours and towards the end of the day we found this vineyard called Peaks of Otter that didn't really have wine, just different weird stuff. One was called a Chilli Dog where they squirted some easy cheese on your hand like you would salt for a shot and you licked the cheese then slammed the wine. Tasted like a chilli dog. However, the most unique one was called 'Kiss of the Devil'. This was made out of various peppers, chief amoung them the Habernaro. This had no taste. It looked like lime juice and the smell made your eyes water. Drinking was just pure sensation. Lit your face on fire and felt it all the way down your throat. As much as it hurt it was so unique I tried it three times. good.

Anyway, this picture has nothing to do with any of that but god is it funny:


CMS said...

That just makes a person want to cry - the picture, that is, although habeneros can have the same effect. Hope there was water down there.

Ryan said...

I can't help it, I know its sad but everytime I look at that picture I can't stop laughing. I like to think the guy taking the picture saved them.