Monday, October 02, 2006

I Feel Like Rambling

So it is 1:39 am on Sunday night (not all that late by my standards on some days) and I am in a weird mood. One of those semi-surreal moods where one side of me just doesn't care and the other side is stressed and everything around me has kinda faded a bit. I have a prediciment that I guess is a good one to have but is stressing me out anyway. Ya see, I got this email late last night saying that a spot on a singles cruise opened up...not just any spot but a spot in an Oceanview cabin. It retails around $900 but since the dude dropped out but paid the deposit I can get it for about $700. Its for a week at the begining of Novemember and going through the Carribean, hitting some places I hit on a cruise several years back.

Why aren't I jumping at such a deal? Well that is the pisser of the whole thing. I was unemployeed for a few months over the summer and I'm close to having my finances back in order. One of the things I wanted to do was to build up some savings in case something comes up. I have an invoice in to my main client that should be paid in the next couple of days that will allow me to catch up on the remaining outstanding bills. I should be able to get one more in and paid before the cruise. Assuming that works out I can pay my mortgage, etc etc and maybe be able to pull off the cruise as well. The problem is I'm not totally sure. And that would be $700 that wouldn't be going to savings. And let's be honest here, it'll be another $300 or so on travel expenses to and from the boat (car pool) and the boos on the boat, which isn't included (although everything else is).

Additionally, my brother, Dad and I are trying to plan a weekend to go camping and we were talking about the first weekend in Novemember, which happens to be the weekend that the cruise starts. Now this is something I've been looking forward to but no specific date is set. Also, I'm not even sure that weekend works for my Dad or my, damn it.

So I'm vexed. Do I commit to the cruise, have a fucking awesome time, and deal with any financial issues afterwards...or do I decline the cruise, kick myself in the ass for it later, but finally get back on my feet financially.

It is now 1:50 am on Sunday night and I find myself leaning towards going again...but I've been back and forth on this about 20 times today.

Damn it.

Aww hell, there goes the TV switching to Univision again.

Damn it.


Silent Joe said...

Dude I love to spend money as much as the next person but I suggest you go camping and catch a cruise in the spring instead.

You will thank yourself later. You've been stressed over money for a couple months and having that extra will help take a load off of your back.

As much as I would want to go on that cruise, I'd have to decline. However, you then get into the predicament.. well what if my future mate is there and she only takes the november one and we never meet again until 10 years later.. we would have wasted 10 years cause I wanted to save $700. Again, the choice can only be made by you.

Yeah I know I didnt make it any easier.. but I would personally keep the cash for a few more months.. its coming up in the cold season which will be nice to have the extra dough. you know.. snow bunnies and all. :)

Ryan said...

The decision has been made for me, someone beat me to the ticket this morning.

All is good.

Damn it.

Antijen said...

See? Procrastination and putting things off works! The Universe just decides for you.

Enjoy the camping!