Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Stay In Line - Make Sure You Vote

Check out this very entertaining video about voter surpression and then prepare to do battle. Who knows what the lines are going to be like but somewhere, probably a lot of places, there will be longer waits than there has in the past.

Stay in line. Do what you have to. Just vote.


Kirsten said...

Done! :) Luckily at 5:45 the line wasn't too long, but by the time I came out at 6:20....it was packed!! Never seen such lines before! Exciting!!

Becky said...

Interesting video.....our voting is done....I let the kids color in the circles for me:) JK of course!!!! But hey, they got their stickers....can they get free beer with it??? ;)

Ryan said...

It took me longer to walk the two or three blocks to vote than the actual process of voting. Overheard a poll worker saying that it was unreal this morning and they expect it to be crazy this afternoon after 4. I might walk by around 5 and see if there is a big ass line.