Friday, March 20, 2009


I haven't really posted anything about AIG but I just came across something else, on top of the bonuses, that blows my mind. Regardless of how legal it is, these people need to buy a public relations clue and lay low for a while. All they are doing is forcing congress to act in ways they probably wouldn't have cared to before. Congress has to at least appear to be punishing them because AIG keeps doing shit that is enraging the public. Its no wonder they ended up where they did if this is the kind of genius thinking that went into running the company. These people are totally clueless.

What I am talking about is that AIG is suing the US Government for $306 million. Like I said, regardless of the merits of the case what the hell are these people thinking? How do you think it is going to play? On the face of it is just seems like more greed and the whole 'masters of the universe' the 'rules don't apply to me' attitude. They need to shut their mouth, take their medicine, and stop forcing peoples hands.

With that said, I'm glad they are forcing the hand of Congress to do something. The sooner they nationalize AIG, fire the idiots, restructure and sell it back in a form that isn't 'too big the fail' the better.

Anyway, the suing article is here.

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