Monday, March 16, 2009

Things Bumming Ryan Out

This was almost a 'stream of consciousness' post last night, but I decided not to. Instead, I present a list of things that are bumming me out.

1) Outboard engines

2) Fucking AIG. What is wrong with these people? Bonuses to the idiots that killed the company in the first place? Are they fucking insane? Poster boy of asshole elites.

3) Women.

4) Dead beat contracts. I have $20 until I get paid. I haven't been paid in two months. There are three invoices outstanding. I wish I was exaggerating. Man, I need to stick to my financial plans a little closer I think. My old 'just make more money' plan apparently has some flaws.

5) BSG ending. Ok, this isn't really bumming me out that much. But they squeezed way too much content into the last season and kinda screwed the pooch.

6) Continued ignoring of insolvent banks and just pretending it is a liquidity problem. Its not going to get better until we nationalize them, restructure them, then sell them off. Just wasting money on asshole elites like the AIG fuckers until we do it.

7) Upside down mortgage.

8) Friends that require me to do all the reaching out and 'friend maintenance'. Screw that. Tired of it.

9) Control.

10) The need to come up with 10 items on a numbered list. Don't know what that is all about but there it is.

Carry on.


Meredith Self said...

but fortunately there is palak paneer to make things all betterer

Ryan said...

Very true! Its the little things.

Meredith Self said...

things i'm bumming bout:

- empty vodka bottles
- no current plane tickets
- empty wine glasses