Saturday, November 26, 2005

Christmas, Christianity, and Social Control

For a long title, a short post.

Basically it goes back to the earlier post about moving Christmas. Christmas is actually a bastardized version of two celebrations, the birth of Christ for the Christians, and the Unconquered Sun celebration for the pagans. Here is a short history of Unconquered Sun and why the birth of christ was actually moved from Jan 6th to Dec 25th.

And the Yule Log has nothing to do with Christianity.

So if you don't put up a nativity, and you don't sing the religous x-mas carols, you can celebrate Christmas and divorce the christian references all together. I find that interesting and oddly comforting.

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CMS2 said...

Hmmm. Shall we see, "Merry Soltice" on your cards this year?

And, for all you religious folk (which I know fair well is few to none) if Christmas is the combo of Christ's b'day and the "Unconquered Sun", than perhaps it's merely the celebration of the "Unconquered SON".

As that hurts some of you, I can feel Dr. Dobson smiling on me now. In my situation, that itself could do wonderful things for me.

As for my 2 pennies, one shouldn't divorce the Christian references. I don't mean to say you have to subscribe to them, but they shouldn't be just dumped to the side either. Historically and spiritually, religious foundations have to be acknowledged, or else then, the holiday anyway, is merely social/commercial control.