Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Talking To Myself

Well, since it looks like I'm just posting for myself I figured I'd just stick a link in every now and then that I find funny or disturbing. This one's both, so I can remember it.

Landover Baptist


Bunny said...

I think you should sign up for thier mailing list. They would probably love to save you!

Ben said...

I so want to open that link, but I'm going to wait until I get home. I don't want some weird religious crap sprawled all over my work PC.

You don't just post for you. I just don't necessarily comment on everything.

So, how 'good' of friends are you and this Amy person? Possibility of dating?


(Now you wish I didn't post dontcha?)

Ryan said...

What? I need saving? You think it would be better if I was a relgious wacko? :)

Ben, you should comment on everything, just so I'm not lonely.

Regarding Amy, just friends. Fun girl, that one.

Bunny said...

I didn't mean to comment on whether you need saving. I just think THEY would like to try and save you. By the sound of their web site, I don't think any of us meet their criteria.

Ryan said...

Ahh, my wrong.

I think (hope) this site is actually a parody. Look at some of the ads, some are anti-bush.

Silent Joe said...

I like to post to my other personalities so that they know how I think and feel. Plus, it gets things off your chest to just type them sometimes right? right?

Sorry was waiting for an answer. :p

Ryan said...

Did you get the answer you were expecting? Nothing is worse then getting the wrong answer from yourself.