Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boo, Exxon

So Exxon feels like it shouldn't have to pay punitive damage for the spill in Alaska way-back when. Why shouldn't they? It's not like Alaska ran into them.


Here is Roberts showing his hand. The lawyer's response is right on.


Dallace said...

On the "Nightly News" last night they did a story about how Exxon is pushing back on this. They had worked up a number of how long it would take them to recoup the Dept from the fines from that. I'm pretty sure they said 2.5 weeks (based on profits alone) to repay.

Simply amazing (and irritating since it just cost me $68 bux to fill up my truck today). Ya, you go Exxon :-/

SuperMel said...

I can't believe we have these people on the Supreme Court.

Wait, yes I can.