Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Go Vote! Do it! I know where you live...


Joe said...

Its only the primaries and its icky outside

Ryan said...

If yer a Democrat or don't live in Maryland this is an uber important primary with HRC and Obama neck and neck. It is rare for our primaries to have any meeting this late in the race so if your vote was to ever count in a presidential primary, it is this one.

Man up, Nancy.

Joe said...

Just curious, which side of the fence are you on? I have been watching the videos on youtube about the issues and I am not very happy with Obama's stance on illegal immigration.

as usual, edwards show himself as a coward and withdrew early.

Also have you looked at all in the republican side of the camp or keeping your blinders on cause you think you are more democrat?

- Joe

Ryan said...

Blinders? Really? Do you not read this blog?

I'm definately on the left side on this and I am with Obama. I think both HRC or Obama would be much better than McCain but at this point I think Obama would be better for the country than HRC.

The immigration issue to me isn't a high priority and certainly not the deal breaker it seems to be for you. I respect that, though. However, all three have somewhat similiar approaches to it. If you really want a wall you should vote Huck.

Joe said...

I do read your blog and its unfortunate that all of the illegal immigrants killing our economies is not a big issue for you. Its not the only thing doing it but it certainly is not helping the economy.

Was no major offense intended if you took offense. I was just curious if you looked at the other party and compared them. Yes, Republicans have screwed up the USA but some of them have helped, look at Reagan. Just because you consider yourself a democrat doesnt mean you have to stick democrat if there is a better person for the job on the other team. Not saying you are or there is a better person but this partisan crap is a bunch of bull puckey.

I am just not sure I like the liberal stance HRC and Obama has taken on immigration to simply get more votes.

One of these days, I would love to see a candidate have the guts to truly stand up for what they believe in instead of what there "financial constituants" want. I know its about money and the price for campaigning but it simply shows me that they can be bought and would not make a good president. Look at the current president making millions on the oil problem. The higher the gas prices go up, the more he makes. He has absolutely no intentions of fixing our reliance on oil.

- Joe

Ryan said...

I agree with a lot of what you just said. I would also vote for a Republican if I thought they were the better person for the job. However, the current republican party has to get back to the basics before I go there.

Like I said before, though, McCain's stance towards illegal immigration is as liberal as HRC and Obama's...that is one of the primary reasons a lot of die-hard repubs dislike him. I wasn't kidding when I said vote for Huck if you want a wall.

As far as immigration whacking our economy, I'm not sure I agree with that but that is a different topic. However, the laws for dealing with it are already on the books if you can get people to actually enforce them.