Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why Obama Is Best Right Now

The choice for me between Obama and HRC was tough. I think HRC, on her own, would make a great president. She has a lot going for her. One thing she doesn't, though, are the idiots she surrounds herself with. That wasn't a good sign to me the way these people keep mishandling things and the message they are putting out. Some states don't matter because x,y and z? My ass they don't. That kind of talking hurts down ticket races and hurts our chances for picking up more seats in the senate and house. 50 state strategy is where it's at! That is what made the difference in 2006. Why would you abandon that kind of ground work now?

The last 8 years has been dominated by the 50+1 strategy on the right. That is to say, you don't need overwhelming majorities to claim a mandate...all you need is 50+1. It has been the polictics of division and leverage. 2004 was a great example of that with the constitutional ban against gay marriage lie to get the evangalicals out to the polls. I'm tired of that kind of polical calculation and from the way HRC campaign has been executed it is clear she is playing that same game. Enough.

Obama, on the other hand, really could lead to a mandate. He is playing working the 50 state strategy that Howard Dean setup when he took over the DNC in 2004. That does a couple of different things. 1) It helps down ticket races for house and senate because you energize the base in red states. 2) You get more people engaged and voting in the general which will help crush the other side and give the Dems the first over 50% popular win in decades.

He has the money. He is killing everyone in the money race. Both HRC and McCain are running into money problems and it isn't even the general yet. So Obama will be able to throw money around like no-bodies business and fight back against the smear machine during the general.

Believe it or not, he does have experience and a record to judge him on. Here are some resources: Project Vote Smart. Washington Post. And a very comprehensive review of his record here.

Sure he is an incredibale orator and draws HUGE crowds to the point of having to book sports arenas for appearances. He is helping to power the young vote like possibly never before (something like 80% plan to vote this year). I mean just the amount of people he brings out to the polls is insane. Every single primary has had record amounts of people voting. It isn't just him, of course, but I would argue he plays the majority of the role in it and he would be able to continue it into the general.

However, the biggest seller for me is that we finally have someone that is slapping down the stupid personal attacks from the right with the scorn they deserve. Instead of becoming all defensive he has been able to turn it around and make the attackers smell like the shit they are. This is a great post about exactly what I am talking about.

So I have more or less shifted my allegence to Obama. I would still vote for HRC in the general and get behind her if she pulls this out of her ass, but I think Obama would be a better choice overall at this point. Plus, he is KILLING McCain in general election polling while HRC and McCain are about even.

I'll post about McCain and why he isn't the straight-talking producer of change he claims to be later.

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SuperMel said...

Great links - thanks. I especially like VoteSmart's grouping votes by issue. Much easier to get a sense of where he stands on the voting floor.