Friday, February 01, 2008

Obama Closing

Check out how fast Obama has been closing on HRC in this chart. It is pretty remarkable.

The more I look and listen then more I think Obama is the best choice for the country. I think he'll set the right tone world-wide and within the country. Too my surprise I've read and heard some pretty die-hard republicans say they will vote for Obama over McCain and I think that is a pretty good sign. With Edwards out I think Obama will attact more of his peeps than Hillary and with the Kennedy blessing he should start making in-roads on the Hispanic vote as well.

From a policy perspective I think they are both pretty similiar. I still think HRC would be a great president too but I think Obama will have a easier time getting things done overall. I really hope he can pull it off on Tuesday, it'll be a landslide in the general if he can.

I also think the last debate between the two of them was fantastic in how civil it was. I, for one, think civility is over-rated but it was nice to see them really focus on the issues and differences between Dems and Repubs instead of beating each other over the head. It would AWESOME if you have whomever looses the primary be the VP for the eventually winner. You get Bubba back in the WH either way that way.

Finally, the money Obama is pulling in is just nuts. $32 million in Jan is more than McCain brought in the ENTIRE year of 2007. Plus, he really motivates people. Look at the voter turn outs in the states for all of the primaries so most states it is almost double what was in the past. That's a FANTASTIC thing.

Very interesting and cool primary.

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