Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biden: Part Two

After some chatting with people and some reading, I think Biden is a better choice both long-term AND short-term than I thought before. Even though he has been in Congress forever, he commutes from his home in Deleware every night (or used to, not totally sure he still does since he remarried). In any case, his family and himself never got involved in the lobbyist culture of Washington which why he remains the poorest sentor on the Hill.

What does that give you? The ultimate outsider insider. That's great. Plus, he probably locks PA for Obama and puts into play Pennsaltuky.

While he is a hawk on the war he is a populist and that'll complement Obama nicely.

I'm liking it more and more. And he is going to rip apart whomever is McCain's VP pick in the debate. That'll be awesome.

Oh, one more thing. Deleware has a democratic governer so we won't loose that seat in the senate AND, and this one is nice, Dodd is next in line on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after Biden. Dodd isn't the hawk Biden is.

Good times.

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