Saturday, August 23, 2008


Biden is an awesome choice from a long term perspective. He has been around long enough to know DC inside and out and absolutely fills out the ticket regarding Obama's weaknesses. The interesting thing about the choice though is he doesn't do what the VP choice has done for the various tickets recently - bring some aspect of the voting public around. For example, Edwards being picked in 2004 was to help bring the blue collar southern working vote. Biden is from Delaware, that isn't exactly a huge electoral state.

I'm glad Obama picked based on long term considerations rather than short term ones.


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whiskeyrivergrl said...

Biden does bring votes!

Delaware is essentially a political extension of Pennsylvania. Granted a small, white, democratic extension. However, DE news is really Philly news.... Biden is originally from PA. So he is and always has been all over the PA news cycles. That and given he's more like Hill (the governor's darling,) Rendell is sure to love him and parade him around like nobody's business. So it's likely that Biden will really help in the big PA swing vote. This whole scene may also spill into sister swing state Ohio. Joe is also beloved by a lot of the white AARP (can you say Florida?) crowd (my parents included even though he voted for the war!) and Yankee Catholics too (how they are not already a liberal lock always puzzles me... obviously it's the Roe issue.) I think Biden not only can bring a lot of swing state votes but help a lot of voters who may be uncertain about Obama feel more secure in pulling that (touch-screen) lever for the Dems this November.

What a great way to begin an exciting week of politics!