Thursday, September 04, 2008

Obama Writes Speeches!

Well I declare! Obama has been writing his major speeches. That's cool.

Unlike Palin, who speech was written a week ago for an unknown male pick:

Can voters this year be sure they learned something about the real Sarah Palin from her GOP vice presidential nomination acceptance speech last night, considering news that it was originally written by speechwriter Matthew Scully over a week ago for an unknown male nominee? The commissioned draft was subsequently customized by Palin and a team of McCain staffers in the 48 hours leading up to its presentation.

So, who is the real fighter here? Someone speaking his own words or someone speaking words that weren't even originally written for her?


Shana said...

Umm.. you are aware that being a political writer is actually a very lucrative job in DC for both sides of the political spectrum.

Oh, and Obama and Palin aren't running for the same position ;)

Ryan said...

Yea, I'm not sure how speech writers being a lucrative position in DC has anything to do with Obama actually writing his own speeches?

Right now, Palin is the obvious draw to the repub ticket, not McCain.

Shana said...

Well, duh! Why do you think they picked someone even the writers of West Wing would've declared too unbelievable for television.

Though I'm not sure I'm drawn to her or away from her yet. But I'm still on heavy narcotics at the moment so it doesn't matter what I think :P

I still don't know who, if anyone, I'm drawn to in this election.

Honestly, I thinks it's impossible for me to be drawn to ANY politician. Hopefully I'll figure something out by November.. who knows, maybe I'll come out of this closet you've accused me of hiding in...