Friday, September 19, 2008

Roughing It

So several years ago my Dad, Brother and I tried to start a tradition of staying in a cabin once a year for a weekend and shooting the shit. Well, so far our annual outing has happened once. This year we are determined to make it happen. Check out the cabin:

Coolest Cabin Ever

The first thing I thought of was The Most Famous Cabin Ever.

So can't wait. I'll have to view the movie before I go.


CMS said...

That is very cool. Does it have a fireplace too? Do you guys hunt or hike while you're there or just hang out and commune with nature? ( all very cool options mind you)

Ryan said...

Nah, we are a bunch of tree hugging animal lovers so no hunting for us. Hiking is an option but the first annual (and only so far) adventure a few years ago was just us hanging in the cabin and talking. It was very cool.

I think these do not have the fireplace inside but just a ring outside. So we'll have to bundle up!