Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Check Your Pockets!

I have never run out of gas or lost my car keys. Never.

Two Monday's ago I took the boat out with Luke's friends he met through work. Normally the way this works is after we put the boat in the water I drive the trailer up on this hill and park it. Then I get out, put my phone, car keys, and wallet in the pockets of my swimsuit, and walk back down to the pier. I put them all in my pockets so that when I get to the boat the weight reminds me to take them out and put them in a safe place. This particular day, for whatever reason, I only had my keys in my pocket and carried my wallet and phone in my hand, so when I went to place everything in the safe place I didn't check my pockets.

We drove over to a nice little cove I like to go to and stopped. As soon as the boat stopped I was took off my shirt and dove into the water. Somewhere through the air a little voice kept telling me I was forgetting something but, as usual, I just pushed it a way and ignored it. I have to start paying attention to that little voice, it's always been right.

So we had a great day boating and were out 7 hours or so until we put back in around 8:30 pm. Normally what happens at this point is I grab the car keys from the safe place and walk back up the hill to get the trailer while everyone else unloads the boat. Well, the keys weren't in the safe place. It didn't take too long for me to realize that the keys were sitting under 25 feet of water at the bottom of Lake Anna. Not one of my better moments.

After trying to get a hold of someone to break into my car and figure out a way to start it up we found out that out in the sticks it was a pipe dream at best. So we decided to pile 6 people into a Jetta and drive two hours back home. 6 people + Jetta = Uncomfortable but funny. I was driving with my knees up by my ears through a seriour thunderstorm. Good stuff.

To wrap this up I'll tell you this. I couldn't find my extra set of keys. I tore the house up looking for them. So I gave Les a call, who hasn't lived with me for over a year, and asked her if she knew where they might be. Sure enough, she suggested the key ring, where keys are supposed to be placed. Of course, I looked everywhere BUT where they belonged and there they were. Five hours later I had my truck back and all was good.

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