Friday, June 03, 2005

WoW, First Impressions

I installed it and played it for about three hours last night. Nice interface, pretty easy and intuitive.

Basically, it's sorta like EQ2-lite. EQ2 is a level of complexity higher than WoW, particularly the crafting stuff. However, both seem to be very enjoyable, and WoW works better in windowed mode so I can work while I play. :)

WoW reminds me VERY much of Fable, the XBox game. If Fable became a multiplayer game, WoW would be it. The graphics are extremely similar.

EQ2 is very much like Morrowind.


Ben said...

I had a lot of fun playing with you guys over the weekend. Thanks for helping me out in a few spots. J&J kept commenting about how fast you're leveling up.

You don't get much sleep do you?

The funny thing about the scope that you sent me is that I had just sent one to Jamie. I can build one for you if I find more Malachite.

BTW: What profession(s) did you pick up? I'm a miner and an engineer. Michelle is a skinner and a tailor.

Ben said...

Happy birthday. Aside from all the 'Turning 30' jokes, Michelle says that it's really not all that different than being 29.


JMc said...

Holy crap! 30 years old. Whoever thought back in our middle school days that it would ever come to this? Speaking of that time, I used to always hate having the late birthday in the group, but now I have my sweet (allbeit short-lived) revenge! Seriously, though, hope you have a great birthday.

Ben said...

It's been two weeks. Stop playing WoW and update your stinkin' 'blog! I'm just as hooked as you (maybe moreso), but I at least update my 'blog.