Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Communist Smurfs

This kicks so much ass I can't stand it.


Ben said...

I've heard about this before: 'Socialist Movement Under the Red Father' = SMURF.

That description is talking about how an ideal communist society would be set up, not how communist governments in our world worked. I still think that communism is a perfectly viable societal model, but not on the scale of nations: it's hard to manage everyone's needs and talents on a scale much bigger than a single commune without some form of government oversight, which is counter to the whole purpose of a communist society.

Communism as it flourished in our world was just another form of dictatorship. One person lead the party, the party controlled everything and got all the benefits while the people, who are supposed to really be in charge, worked hard and suffered greatly.

The comparisons of Gargamel and Azreal I hadn't heard before. Interesting....

Anonymous said...

Oh you sad men. Can't you leave something as pure as Saturday morning cartoons sacred?

I watched the Smurfs rather religiously and didn't know or care what communism or Marxism was at the time. In fact, some may argue that I should have become an athethist as much as I adored this cartoon. But since you instist on destroying the nievity of childhood, take at look at this site, ( Sorry, I don't know how to do that word color/link thing)


This whole conversation is very "unsmurfy" :-)

Anonymous said...

Didn't like it made it.


Anonymous said...

Meant look, not like.... he,he

Ryan said...

Ben! I was going to comment on just what you said in the original post but had forgetten, I'm glad you reminded me.

I've always thought marxism isn't evil by nature and that it would flourish in a microsocity like a CoOp farm or something like that. However, when you get to macro-sized societies or you get turkey's like Stalin running the show it falls flat on its face.

And I too watched the Smurf's quite religiously. I loved the weather control thingy Handy smurf made. And what was the phrase Gargamel would say all the time? I can't remember. :(

Anonymous said...

Okay, you folks have done nothing to the cartoon compared to this. If you have kids, please DO NOT let them be near when you view this,!! It's gross, but kinda funny.


Ryan said...

OMG, that's horrible!

What is up with Mr. T!

It seemed like Poppa Smurf was getting the best deal there.